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Defending Students Against Criminal Charges

For college students, a criminal conviction can have especially severe consequences, as criminal records exist online and on databases virtually forever. Students are also subject to academic discipline. Certain crimes necessitate probation, suspension or expulsion.

The law offices of Mark A. Di Carlo, PLLC, can help. For more than 30 years, attorney Mark A. Di Carlo has assisted students and families in Corpus Christi and throughout the region when they face criminal charges. He understands how prosecutors and academic administrators approach such matters and is skilled at finding weaknesses in the opposition’s case. He is committed at every step to asserting his clients’ interests and protecting their rights.

Legal Support In A Full Range Of Campus Crime Cases

Mark offers qualified legal counsel and representation in a comprehensive range of campus criminal matters, including:

  • Alcohol violations and DUI — Underage drinking, underage DUI, and other violations of alcohol policy are common allegations at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and other colleges in the area.*
  • Campus sex crimesCampus sexual offense allegations have recently garnered a great deal of media attention. As a result, colleges and universities are quick to punish offenders severely. In many situations, a criminal conviction is not necessary to penalize those charged. Instead, campuses rely on the less stringent ‘preponderance of evidence’ standard*, which can lead to expulsion and other consequences.
  • Drug offenses — Possession of marijuana is a common campus drug charge. In many cases, allegations relating to the possession or discharge of a firearm also play into campus drug crimes.

A criminal case for a young person will last their entire life. The use of computer databases, and the proliferation of these records through internet sites, make a criminal conviction readily accessible to employers, graduate schools and licensing boards. Four years of work and their associated costs can easily go down the drain.

Protecting Your Future

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