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Truck accidents can pose severe risk on the roadway

For drivers on the roadways in Texas, sharing the highway with large trucks and 18-wheelers can be an unnerving experience. The massive size and weight of these vehicles mean that they can pose a particular threat to smaller cars, light trucks and motorcycles, and a crash could lead to severe personal injuries or even fatalities. This means that it can be important for drivers to be particularly cautious around large semi-trucks in order to protect themselves from negligent or dangerous driving.

There are a number of situations that can lead to commercial trucking accidents, both those caused by truck drivers and those caused by other vehicles on the road. Of course, due to the size of large trucks, even an accident caused by another passenger car can have repercussions for many other drivers and passengers on the roadway. Passenger cars' driving behavior that can lead to trucking accidents include changing lanes suddenly in front of a truck, attempting to unsafely pass a truck without enough room, driving quickly between several large trucks or failing to speed or slow one's vehicle when a truck is merging.

Car accidents and soft tissue injuries

When people in Texas are in a car accident, they might suffer a soft tissue injury. These types of injuries may involve sprains, tears, strains or simply soreness to tendons, muscles and ligaments.

The impact of a car accident can stretch soft tissues and lead to these types of injuries. However, since they are not detectable using an X-ray in the same way that broken bones are, these injuries may also be more difficult to diagnose. Furthermore, it could be hours or even days after the accident before a person begins to notice symptoms. Typical symptoms are inflammation and persistent pain.

What happens if my Uber gets in a crash?

Let’s say that it’s a Friday night on campus, and you and your friends are ready to go out and unwind. You hop into the Uber that you sent for on your phone. But on the way to your destination, your driver rear-ends another car, causing your head to hit the seat in front of you and your neck to snap back and forth. You may have a serious injury and hefty medical bills. You are left wondering what your actions should be.

Now that ridesharing apps are a common part of college life for many Texan students, it is important to know what you should do if your rideshare is ever in an accident. So, what should you do if your Uber or other rideshare is in crash?

OOIDA petition seeks change to hours of service rule

Commercial truck drivers in Texas should be aware that the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has proposed a major change in break times for 14-hour work clocks. The association has submitted a petition to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requesting that drivers are able to have up to three straight off-duty hours during the 14 hours they are working. It is asking that drivers be allowed to pause their daily work clock and that the 30-minute rest time requirement that is currently in place be eliminated.

According to the petition that the association submitted, the current regulations are excessively complicated. They offer no alternatives that take into account the physical restrictions and capabilities of individual drivers. The regulations compel drivers to get on the road when they are exhausted at peak travel times and in road and weather conditions that are not safe.

Ways to reduce distracted driving

For Texas motorists, one major concern when getting behind the wheel can be the dangers created by distracted drivers. As the popularity and ownership of smartphones has spread, so has texting while driving and other distracting app usage. Many safety experts have warned that the rise in fatal accidents is tied to the popularity of dangerous distractions on the road. However, phones aren't the only cause of distracted driving; even built-in entertainment and navigation units can turn a driver's attention away from the road.

While people widely recognize the hazards posed by distracted driving, they still engage in these behaviors. Consumer Reports conducted a survey and found that over half of all U.S. licensed drivers who have smartphones sometimes text, browse the web or send emails while operating their vehicles. There are a number of technical solutions proposed by smartphone manufacturers and made available for both iPhones and Android devices by app developers; these can identify a "car mode" that blocks incoming notifications and sends auto-replies to incoming texts.

Study: Texas has fourth worst drivers in the nation

It's a ritual that accompanies turning the December page to January. Assessments of the past 12 months include the biggest news stories of the year, the best movies, the most memorable songs and so on.

We read an interesting list that looked back at 2017 to determine which states had the worst drivers. Good news: Texas does not rank at the top. Bad news: We're not far from the worst; Texas is at number four, according to a car insurance website that analyzed traffic accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Corpus Christi DWI Sting Yields 22 Arrests

The holidays weren’t very merry for nearly two dozen individuals in Corpus Christi. As part of No Refusal Weekend – an initiative to crack down on DWI violations over Christmas and New Year’s – the city’s police arrested 22 individuals on suspicion of drunk driving. Three of the arrests were upgraded to felony charges, as the incidents were especially egregious.

No Refusal Weekend is just one of several such operations that take place in Texas over the winter season. Acting on the presumption that individuals are more likely than usual to drive drunk after company Christmas parties or family dinners, police departments across the state increase the presence of roadside police. 

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