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Social Security Disability

Often, people will know that they cannot work, but they have a difficult time explaining to the Social Security Administration (SSA) why they cannot work. Are you too weak? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate? Are you in too much pain? Therefore, every Social Security Disability case is a bit like a puzzle, and a disability attorney must figure out a way to establish that you are unable to work.

Various pieces of information are valuable only when put together and presented to the SSA. For example, an attorney may argue that you may not be able to work because you cannot sleep and are too fatigued to concentrate on your job the next day. Or pain that you experience due to back problems may make it virtually impossible for you to work eight hours a day, five days a week.

Your case begins with thoroughly understanding your disabilities and symptoms, then completing your Social Security Disability application. If you have been denied when you hire Mark A. Di Carlo, the case begins by appealing the reason the Social Security Administration gave for denying your application.

A Law Firm That Can Help With Adult And Child Disability Claims

Mark Di Carlo will take the time to work directly with you and answer your questions regarding:

  • The difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and whether you qualify for one or both programs
  • The ways that emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can impact your claim
  • How to apply for benefits for a disabled child
  • The most effective methods in filling out SSDI and SSI applications
  • Steps to take after being denied
  • What occurs in Social Security hearings
  • Tips about the practical and common issues people face in SSDI and SSI
  • Whether you qualify for disability benefits if you have a drug or alcohol problem
  • Whether a criminal record or incarceration may affect your disability case

If you were denied benefits, Mark Di Carlo can help you. He can enter into the process at any stage, whether submitting an application, requesting a reconsideration or requesting a hearing by an administrative law judge. He may also file an appeal at the Appeals Council if you have lost your hearing.

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Mark Di Carlo has advocated for the disabled in South Texas for three decades. His office can be reached online or by telephone at 800-584-5798.

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