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3 actions you never knew were wire fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Wire fraud can occur in unexpected instances, encompassing actions beyond the commonly accepted perceptions. Understanding the nuances of wire fraud will help you recognize the key elements if you find yourself facing charges.

There are several things to know about actions that constitute wire fraud.

Online dating scams

The rise of online dating has given way to an increase in romance scams. In fact, the FTC shows a total of $547 million in losses to romance scams in 2021. These scams involve exploiting emotional connections formed online to manipulate individuals into wiring money. Regardless of the fabricated story that motivates the payment, leveraging electronic communications to extort the money constitutes wire fraud.

Email compromise

Sending an email with the intent to deceive someone into transferring funds is a sophisticated type of wire fraud. It typically starts with an email that presents what seems like legitimate transactions. This type of fraud is often targeted at businesses in the hopes that an employee might inadvertently fall for it.

Fund transfer scams

Wire transfers are a common tool for financial transactions, but it is also susceptible to fraud. Financial systems are vulnerable and any transfers solicited under false pretenses constitute wire fraud, even with everyday financial transactions.

Many people overlook the fact that any type of financial transfer solicited through fraudulent or coercive means constitutes wire fraud. Consider your actions carefully as you evaluate the legitimacy of the charge you might be facing. The more you understand about the actions that constitute wire fraud, the easier it is to fight the charge.