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4 potential charges from a bar fight

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

When a brawl breaks out in a Texas bar, legal consequences may follow.

That makes it important to understand the potential charges that could arise from such situations. In many cases, these types of altercations result in a police officer issuing multiple charges

1. Assault and battery

When individuals engage in physical altercations, the situation may lead to assault and battery charges. Assault refers to threatening someone with violence, while battery involves actually making physical contact. The severity of the charge depends on factors like the extent of harm caused and if the incident involved a weapon.

2. Aggravated assault

Aggravated assault encompasses situations where the intensity of harm caused reaches a higher level. This can result from factors like the severity of injuries inflicted, the use of a dangerous weapon or the intent behind the assault. Unlike simple assault, which might involve threats or minor physical contact, aggravated assault deals with more serious forms of violence.

3. Disorderly conduct

Engaging in behavior that disturbs the peace and order of a public place, such as a bar, can result in a disorderly conduct charge. Shouting, fighting or creating a disruptive environment can lead to this charge.

4. Public intoxication

Participating in a bar fight while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to a public intoxication charge. Every year, 316,032 Americans get arrested for drunkenness. This charge focuses on individuals whose behavior becomes a danger to themselves or others due to their impaired state.

Staying mindful of your actions, avoiding aggressive behavior and managing alcohol consumption are steps to prevent legal entanglements.