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What could disrupt your SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security disability benefits are not provided to everyone. You will need to provide an extensive history of your medical condition, work experience and personal identification.

If even one thing does not add up, the Social Security Administration may suspend your benefits temporarily or permanently. Knowing what circumstances could impact your benefits eligibility can help you avoid common errors.

Your condition improves

If your health improves at all, you should communicate the changes with the SSA. Administrators require you to meet specific criteria to qualify for disability benefits. Even small improvements may interfere with your benefits. According to the SSA, some of the medical information they will require on your application and periodically throughout your benefit period include the following:

  • Names of doctors
  • Names of tests
  • Names of treatments
  • Names of drugs you take

Staying in contact with the SSA can help you avoid consequences that could accompany your decision to continue collecting benefits when your condition no longer meets the criteria.

You return to work

Did you know that you could return to work if you wanted even while receiving SSD assistance? The SSA encourages you to seek employment if your condition improves enough that you can reasonably get a job. However, you will need to inform them of your intentions and carefully follow their requirements to legally continue collecting benefits while maintaining a job. If you fail to do this, the SSA can legally discontinue your benefits.

You provide false information

If the SSA finds that you have falsified information on your application, they will swiftly stop your benefits. You might even face requirements to repay anything you have collected.

The SSA will never change the status of your benefits without first informing you of the reason why. You have the right to appeal any decision they make.