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Certain disabilities may qualify for expedited SSDI processing

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security Disability Insurance applicants with certain medical conditions may receive a fast-track decision. As described on the website, the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program lists more than 260 illnesses, disorders and conditions that qualify.

A wide range of disabilities may receive a fast-track approval. The list includes life-threatening cancers, rare genetic disorders and terminal illnesses. Certain autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, may also receive expedited approvals.

Progressive brain and central nervous system diseases may qualify

Individuals with diseases or conditions that affect the central nervous system may qualify for expedited processing. As reported by the Alzheimer’s Association, the SSA also considers fast-tracking applications received from patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

An early onset of Alzheimer’s disease occurs when an individual under age 65 begins showing symptoms. Because the disease may progress quickly, it could severely affect the ability to work. As noted on, qualifying for SSDI benefits requires a medical condition that lasts for at least one year or results in an applicant’s death.

Applicants do not need to take extra steps for a fast-track decision

The AARP reports that claims for SSDI by individuals with approved conditions could get processed in days rather than months. Applicants do not need to ask for an expedited decision or fill out a separate application.

The SSA electronically screens applications with its Quick Disability Determination system. This program scans applications for certain key phrases or words related to conditions that have a higher chance of approval. When applicants submit the necessary documents with their claims, the system may flag them for expedited approvals.