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Week targets truck brake safety violations

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Trucking Accidents |

In Texas and across the country, truck braking violations can pose a severe danger to truck drivers and others on the road. When the brakes on large trucks and commercial vehicles are improperly maintained, it can become difficult or impossible for a driver to correctly stop their vehicle, especially in slippery conditions or emergency situations. The effects of a large, unstoppable truck can be catastrophic given the size and weight of the vehicles involved. This is one reason that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is conducting its annual Brake Safety Week between September 16 and 22.

In 2017, the CVSA had reduced the brake safety event to a one-day initiative, but after 14 percent of all trucks inspected were required to be taken off the roads due to brake maintenance violations, the event has returned to its week-long status. During the safety initiative, inspections of trucks on the roads will be ramped up. In general, these will be comprehensive Level I inspections, but truck inspectors will have a particular focus on brake components that could be poorly maintained.

During the inspections, attention will be paid to loose or absent brake parts, defective brake rotors, leaks of air or hydraulic fluid, damaged or mismatched air chambers and reservoirs, missing warning devices and worn brake linings, pads, rotors or drums. When trucks are found with improperly maintained brakes, they will be removed from service until they are properly repaired.

For accident victims, 18-wheeler accidents can be devastating, causing life-changing injuries and permanent disabilities. When people have been injured in a crash caused by a failure to properly maintain truck brakes or other components, victims may want to seek justice. A personal injury lawyer may help injured people pursue compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.