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Defense Against Charges Of Human Trafficking

Federal law enforcement officials aggressively pursue arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border involving illegal immigration. Anyone who has passed through the Falfurrias or Sarita border checkpoints is aware that your vehicle is stopped by border patrol agents, there are dogs that smell your vehicle, and you are asked if you are a U.S. citizen.

If you have been accused of a federal crime in South Texas such as trafficking illegal aliens, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer such as attorney Mark A. Di Carlo.

Have You Been Accused Of Trafficking Or Transporting An Illegal Alien?

Under United States laws, it is illegal to help a non-U.S. citizen gain entry into the country without proper documentation. The law also prohibits concealing, harboring and transporting illegal aliens within the United States.

The consequence for trafficking crimes is increased with the number of illegal aliens alleged to have been transported, under the federal sentencing guidelines. The federal sentencing guidelines are the guidelines the United States District Court judges usually use to determine a federal sentence.

Penalties are also enhanced under the federal sentencing guidelines when aliens are transported under conditions that could cause harm to the illegals as a result of the illegal transport. For instance, if the government claims that the illegals were transported in a closed trailer, without adequate ventilation, the potential sentence may be harsher pursuant to the federal sentencing guidelines.

It is up to your attorney to object to the higher sentence by asserting that it is not applicable in your case or that the government is misinterpreting the guidelines.

Putting Forward An Effective Illegal Alien Trafficking Defense

Attorney Mark A. Di Carlo may be able to help your case by filing a motion to suppress the evidence before trial, preparing a diligent defense at trial and attempting to secure the lightest possible sentence for you, if you plead guilty or are found guilty at trial.

A light sentence in your case may be achieved by filing extensive objections to the presentence report prepared by the government, arguing that the presentence report has misapplied the sentencing guidelines or has misapplied the guidelines to your case. It will then be up to the U.S. district judge to decide the merits of the objections and your sentence.

Contact An Established Federal Criminal Defense Law Office

If you have been accused of trafficking illegal aliens, Mark Di Carlo is here to provide you with the best defense possible. Contact the Corpus Christi office today online or by telephone at 800-584-5798 to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case in a confidential setting.