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Retaliation, Terroristic Threats, Evading Arrest Or Detention And Assault Of An Officer

These crimes are often related. It is not uncommon for someone to be charged with “evading arrest” and “terroristic threat” and “obstruction or retaliation” of an officer after they allegedly fled from the officer or they are angry at the officer, by saying something like, “I will get you later for this.” Unfortunately, it is well-known among criminal defense attorneys that often a person is charged with assault of an officer after they have been beaten up by an officer.

If any of these charges is brought against you individually, or in combination, please call the office. Mark Di Carlo has practices in the following counties for these charges: Corpus Christi, Nueces County; Kingsville, Kleberg County; Alice, Jim Wells County; San Diego, Duval County; Sinton, San Patricio; Refugio, Refugio County; George West, Live Oak County; and Beeville, Bee County.

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