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Why is it easier to get SSD over age 50?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Did you know that more than 8.3 million people benefitted from Social Security Disability in 2021? That is 4.1% of the population between the ages of 18 and 64.

Social Security Disability is available to individuals who became disabled at least 12 months prior. However, age has an impact on your approval rate. This is what you should know.

SSDI approval process

Social Security will review your monthly earnings for gainfulness. Then, they analyze your impairment and medical condition severity based on the SSA’s Blue Book. Finally, the Social Security Administration will determine whether you have the ability to do the work you did before your injury and if you can do new types of work.

SSDI approval for those over 50

The SSA realizes that companies are unlikely to hire individuals who do not have experience and are near the end of their work life. Therefore, they do not always consider whether you can do new types of work. In addition, the SSA may not want to pay for vocational training when you only have a few more years of work, especially if you may receive approval for early retirement at 62 years old. In addition, you may find it more difficult to adapt to new work types.

Those over 50 tend to have more work credits

Social Security requires that you earn a specific number of work credits to gain SSD and Social Security benefits. Each year you work full time, you can earn up to four credits. Therefore, your age and work history impact your approval. Those over 50 typically have enough work credits to qualify.

Although the SSA still denies some of these claims, you may have an easier time gaining approval if you are over 50.