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Understanding the SSDI claims process

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Obviously, people who cannot work struggle financially while their Social Security Disability application is pending.

Generally, approval for Social Security Disability will take between four months to 24 months.

Ordinarily, a competent attorney or representative acts on your case immediately. Therefore, delays are ordinarily caused by the Social Security Administration and not the attorney or representative. Usually, the status of your case is that you are waiting on a decision from the Social Security Administration for a  decision on your application or your appeals of that decision. You will receive a copy of any denials from the Social Security Administration your attorney or representative receives.

The Social Security Administration sometimes claims that one of the reasons for the delays in making decisions is inadequate funding, and therefore inadequate staffing. At times, the Social Security Administration also claims applicants failing to provide all requested documentation and information is the cause of delays in their decisions.