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How to ensure your SSDI claim will not meet with denial

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security Disability Insurance is a resource that you can tap into if you meet certain criteria and need help making ends meet due to a disability. If the SSA responds to your SSDI claim with a denial, though, you might feel that you have no options left.

It is often the case that a denied SSDI claim is the result of overlooking a key element in your application. By taking the right steps to adjust your claim, you can improve your chances of receiving the SSDI benefits you need and deserve.

Confirm your eligibility

The Social Security Administration outlines two key requirements for receiving disability benefits. You must have a qualified work history that includes paying Social Security taxes on your earnings, and you must have a qualifying disability.

Provide the correct documentation

The SSA requests thorough documentation during the application process to prove the validity of your disability or illness. This reduces the risk of fraud, but it means that you must organize your records ahead of time. Consider meeting with your doctor to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation for your SSDI claim.

Follow SSA feedback

If the SSA denies your initial disability insurance claim, heed the feedback provided with your denial notice. Take any corrective action recommended by the SSA before re-submitting your application. Multiple denied submissions without any effort on your part to improve eligibility can reflect poorly on your future chances.

Reach out for legal help if you feel that you meet the criteria and still receive a denial. A legal professional with experience in SSDI law can help you understand the process and take the right steps.