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Consequences for causing an accident while intoxicated

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | DWI |

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in Texas that can result in various penalties. The consequences could be even harsher if you caused an accident while driving drunk.

As a Texas driver, you should familiarize yourself with the law and the potential outcomes that offenders face.

Texas DWI laws

If you receive a DWI charge in Texas, you could face a fine of $3000, a license suspension and a jail sentence of three days to six months. The penalties are more severe if you have prior DWI charges on your record. Furthermore, if your blood alcohol concentration was over .15, you could receive a year-long sentence and a $6000 fine. Refusing to take a breath or blood test can lead to a license suspension lasting at least 180 days. Additionally, a DWI conviction remains on your record indefinitely in Texas.

Additional factors

Causing an accident while driving under the influence can result in additional incarceration. You could receive a felony charge on your record. Furthermore, if the accident seriously injured the other party, you could face an intoxication assault charge in addition to your other offenses. Serious injuries include permanent disfigurement and impairment or loss of a limb or organ. A judge could sentence you to jail for up to ten years. Injuring a police officer or firefighter can result in harsher penalties. Finally, if you cause an accident that leads to someone’s death, a court could convict you of manslaughter, a felony charge resulting in a jail term lasting between two and 20 years.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal and could impair your ability to operate your vehicle. In addition, causing an accident that injures or kills another person can lead to severe legal consequences.