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Texas basketball coach loses job following DWI

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | DWI |

An assistant basketball coach at a San Antonio high school was placed on administrative leave following his arrest for DWI-, drugs- and weapons-related charges on Jan. 10. The 39-year old coach was specifically charged with driving while intoxicated, possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

The coach was arrested in Bexar County, which was where he was placed in jail. He was released three days following the arrest after posting $2,100. School officials at Wagner High School, which is where the man coached, have stated he will no longer be permitted to teach or coach in the school district.

Reports provided no further information regarding the nature of the police stop, the offender’s blood alcohol content level or what type of drugs were found. While reporters reached out to the school district, a spokesman declined to comment on what was considered a personal matter for the coach. The coach is currently scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 4.

This case illustrates how behavior outside a place of employment can directly impact one’s job standing. That’s why anyone facing drug- or DWI-related charges should think about immediately contacting a Texas DWI defense attorney. Drivers often underestimate how quickly a night of fun can change the course of their lives in the event that they are pulled over by police and are determined to be driving under the influence. Unlike a speeding ticket, a DWI charge can lead to a great deal of inconvenience and may even negatively impact the driver’s professional life.