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Defensive driving is key when driving near trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Texas roads are filled with all types of vehicles. Motorists are used to sharing space with delivery vans, motorcycles, tractors and even horses. However, one category of vehicle poses a significantly larger public safety hazard to passenger cars. The sheer size of large tractor-trailers makes them a danger to everything in their path.

A fully loaded tractor-trailer rig can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds and outweigh a passenger car by nearly 39 tons. Bringing a big truck to a safe stop can require the length of two football fields under ideal conditions. When variables such as slick roads and worn tires are factored into the equation, stopping distance can be much longer. For these reasons, truckers are trained to keep a safety cushion in between their trucks and other vehicles. Unfortunately, motorists often merge into this safety cushion and put themselves at risk in the event of an emergency that requires a quick stop.

Trucks require a much larger turning radius than other vehicles. Because of this, a prudent motorist will give a wide berth on city streets and at intersections. Even a low-speed collision with a big truck can cause substantial damage. Like any driver, truckers sometimes lose focus or get distracted. Motorists have no idea whether a truck driver is at the beginning or end of a shift, and the difference could be deadly if fatigue is an issue.

Whenever there is a crash involving commercial vehicles, it is imperative to isolate the specific cause as quickly as possible. A qualified personal injury lawyer can help a truck accident victim identify contributing factors and fully document damages in order to get full and fair compensation for damages.