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Car accidents and soft tissue injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Personal Injury |

When people in Texas are in a car accident, they might suffer a soft tissue injury. These types of injuries may involve sprains, tears, strains or simply soreness to tendons, muscles and ligaments.

The impact of a car accident can stretch soft tissues and lead to these types of injuries. However, since they are not detectable using an X-ray in the same way that broken bones are, these injuries may also be more difficult to diagnose. Furthermore, it could be hours or even days after the accident before a person begins to notice symptoms. Typical symptoms are inflammation and persistent pain.

Whiplash is one of the most common types of soft tissue injuries that results from a car accident. Whiplash often happens when a car is rear-ended because this type of impact can cause the head to quickly move forward and then backward. The weight of the head in this sudden motion can strain and injure neck tissues. Whiplash is characterized by stiffness and headaches. There may be neck, back and shoulder pain as well as dizziness. Some people say they have suffered additional symptoms after whiplash such as fatigue, depression and memory loss. More serious conditions can result from whiplash as well such as herniated spinal discs, joint dysfunction and chronic pain.

A person who suffers a serious injury in a car accident might want to talk to an attorney. While the insurance company of the driver who caused such an accident is supposed to pay compensation to the injured person, it is not always this straightforward. The insurance company might make an offer that is too low. An insurance company might also try to dispute a claim for a head injury if the symptoms do not show up until some time later.