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Avoiding Jail Time And Fines

The Texas criminal justice system is not known for its leniency. Offenses are often punished severely, depending on the crime and the county and the judge. Certain misdemeanor convictions, such as theft, are considered crimes of moral turpitude and could leave you a problem in obtaining employment. Convictions for other crimes may make it legally impossible for you to own or possess a gun.

If you work with a qualified lawyer, your knowledge and legal options will expand. An attorney who understands the Texas courts will know how to reduce the penalties his or her clients face — and, in many cases, can help to keep their clients’ criminal records clean.

Mark A. Di Carlo has earned a reputation for helping his clients avoid stringent penalties. Known for his effectiveness both in and out of the courtroom, he is recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the United States by The National Trial Lawyers. Based in Corpus Christi, he serves throughout the region and is always prepared to assist.

Alternatives To Imprisonment

The law offices of Mark A. Di Carlo, PLLC, offer criminal defense representation against a full range of criminal charges. In his more than 30 years of practice, he has helped his clients avoid prison and jail time and protect their careers and reputations. He is adept at matters involving:

  • Probation and parole — Mark is experienced in helping his clients obtain probation and parole. He has represented numerous clients in probation revocation hearings and parole revocation hearings. He is also experienced in representing people for early termination of probation.
  • Jail release — If a friend or family member is put in jail, it can be advantageous to obtain their release until they go to court or trial with help from an attorney (rather than a bail bondsman). Mark has extensive experience representing clients at bond hearings, getting the bond amount lowered and making the bond as attorney of record.
  • Expunctions and nondisclosures — A criminal record will affect your reputation, and can make it difficult to find employment or housing. In some cases, it is possible to have a criminal conviction removed from your record, or to have your record sealed so that future employers are unable to view it. Whenever such actions are possible, Mark will discuss the procedure and the price.
  • Protecting your professional license — Some individuals stand to lose their professional licenses if convicted of certain crimes. Mark has argued often, and effectively, in front of various professional licensing authorities and is able to help individuals keep their careers on track.

To learn more about Mark’s services, reach out to his firm today. You can call his office at 800-584-5798, or arrange an appointment online. Initial consultations are free.