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The Aftermath Of An Auto Accident

Auto accidents are shocking and disorienting. Even minor collisions leave victims startled and confused. The effects of a high-impact collision can be incredibly difficult to process — both in the moment and afterward.

An auto accident will set into motion a complicated legal process, wherein your actions will affect the final outcome. Simply put, your actions following an auto accident will determine how much compensation you may receive from insurance companies and other sources.

What To Do Immediately

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the field, the law offices of Mark A. Di Carlo, PLLC, have developed some tips to keep in mind for the moments, days and weeks immediately following a crash. It will help your case to follow these steps:

  • Document the scene — Legal proceedings hinge on evidence. As such, after an accident, it is helpful to take pictures of the scene, including skid marks, road signs and any damage to your car. Smartphones are incredibly useful in this regard and have helped many crash victims establish their side of the story in court.
  • Get statements from police and bystanders — Likewise, statements from police officers can be valuable in the courtroom. This is why it is key to involve the authorities in any accident and to obtain their write-ups of the scene. If possible, obtaining statements from witnesses and bystanders can also be of important use.
  • Seek medical attention immediately — Of course, if you have been injured in any way, your priority is to seek medical attention. Even if you don’t feel any pain, it is crucial to obtain qualified medical care — many individuals experience an adrenaline rush after an accident and are oblivious to the pain they’re in; likewise, some injuries might not manifest immediately. Moreover, establishing a record of your injuries and their severity is an important element of the legal process.
  • Follow any medical advice you’re given — Many people try to “walk off” their injuries. They don’t want to visit doctors or hospitals because they are wary of the expenses involved. This is a mistake. If you deviate from any medical advice you’ve been given, insurance companies can use this to argue that you did not suffer any serious injuries. In turn, this will reduce the compensation you are able to receive.
  • Work with a qualified attorneyMark A. Di Carlo has taken on many cases after individuals tried to “go it alone.” That is, an accident victim attempted to file their own injury claim and negotiate with insurers, only to be offered insubstantial financial relief — or none at all. Insurers are savvy and will seek to underpay claims. A lawyer will know how to maximize the compensation you receive.

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