Social Security Blogs

March 7, 2015

I was working on a long-term disability case today. Basically, that is when you carry a private disability insurance policy through your employer. I would not advise anyone to purchase or carry one of these policies. On this case, they actually sent a surveillance crew to videotape my client taking the trash out.

They have teams of adjusters and experts who work for the insurance companies who create pretenses, loopholes and technicalities to deny you benefits. They have doctors who are paid by the insurance companies, to refer your case to, who say you are not disabled, that you are not entitled to submit questions to. Then when you appeal the case to federal court, the judge will usually uphold the insurance company's decision on the basis that the insurance company doctors say you are not disabled.

These cases are called ERISA cases, and the federal laws that cover these cases also favor the insurance companies.